Thomas was dumped on a farm, he was in bad shape. He is back from the Vet's and doing very well! We had tried to clean him up, He was so gentle and allowed us to bathe him, no bites or scratches. The mats he had we just couldn't get them all. He looks so adorable now and yes his fur will grow back!

He is a neutered male, 3 years old

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Taffy was born Feb 14, 2018. She's a female, spayed, and all up to date on her shots. This beautiful girl loves to snuggle! At the moment she's a bit shy and very curious to get out and about.



Nola is a domestic short hair, spayed female. She was born June 17, 2014. Her first year of life she was beaten with a broom and rescued. Although she suffered greatly, she's a very loving girl. love being petted and snuggled.  

Kaydence is a domestic long hair, spayed female. Born July 1 2013 She'll be7 in July She's very loving and eager to have a new lease on life, to have a forever home. Come to the shelter and meet her or call 403-823-8999



Skittles came in on Jan 29, 2020. He looks to be about 9 months to 1 year old. He's a friendly kitty but is not digging being confined to his cat house. He'll be just fine once he's settled in!

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Buddy arrived on Jan 28, 2020. He was surrendered as there were too many cats in the house.Buddy is a very loving cat.



Crumpet arrived on Jan 28, 2020. He is about a year old, familiar with dogs but not cats.


Birdie came in with Twinkle on January 21, 2020. These two were rescued from the cold. They had been staying in a hay box to keep warm, and were brought inside by some lovely people as temperatures plummeted to -40. They are tame but a little scared still, we're sure they will warm up soon!

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