Salem is the biggest suck and absolutely loves people! We think he would do alright in a home with another cat as long as there was a slow and controlled introduction. He's around a year old and we're almost certain you'll fall in love with him the second you meet him! 

Mac Miller

Mac Miller is a super sweet guy who doesn't have a lot of requirements for his new forever home! He's good with kids, dogs, and other cats and would settle in well just about anywhere with a little bit of patience! 


Pansy is a mild mannered 11 year old girl who is looking for a calm forever home! She's quite shy at first but she does get along with other cats, dogs, and even kids! 


Lady is around a year old and she's super affectionate! She's a quiet girl who is in need of a forever home to give her lots of pets! 


Max is a loveable little dude who will need a home with a bit of patience for him to come around. He was born in March of 2018 and has developed a love for climbing and being up high. He struggles with other animals but he's a very vocal little guy who will follow you around the house to keep you company! 



Eli is around a year to a year and a half years old and came to us in early April with his friend, Edgar! Eli loves to be in everybody's business and will rarely ever turn down attention! 


Edgar is around a year to a year and a half years old and came to us in early April with his friend, Eli! Edgar doesn't always get along with the other cats here and is known to be a little bit of a lovable troublemaker. 


Marshmallow is 13 years old and has been affectionately nicknamed "Grandpa" by DDHS staff and volunteers. He came to us with an abundance of health issues that have been cleared up since but the type 2 diabetes he was diagnosed with will likely remain for the rest of his life. Marshmallow requires a special diabetic food and an insulin injection twice a day, every day to manage his condition. He also has one permanetly dialated pupil that will likely cause him some vision troubles later in life if it hasn't already. This special guy is in need of an equally as special forever home that is willing to keep up with his medical needs to ensure that he can remain as happy and healthy as possible! 

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