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No one has claimed "Sterling" This poor little hampster needs a home! He can bring his cage, water bottle, dishes and wheel with him if you need. Call the shelter at 403-823-8999

sid IMG 6339

Sid is a Male born in May 2019. He was found out at a parking lot and rescued from being homeless and trying to survive out in the cold weather 


 GEEGEE 20191005 124749

GeeGee is a female black cat about 6 months old

dory IMG 9882copy

smitty 2019 10 04 11.16.45

Dory is a female kitten

riley IMG 9880copy

riley 2019 10 04 11.17.07

Riley is a female orange tabby

regan IMG 9861copy

roper 2019 10 04 11.21.21

Roper is a Female orange tabby kitten

Biscuit IMG 9902copy

2019 09 24 15.07.26

Biscuit, is a very small kitty. He is 4-8 weeks old and very sweet and loving, just came in today sept 24, 2019

mack IMG 9863copy

2019 09 24 15.02.36

This little fella, came in yesterday sept 23rd, 2019 He is 8 weeks old. Totally Adorable!

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