Frank is 8 weeks old and he is one of Fawn's kittens! 


This beautiful momma cat came to us very pregnant and has had 6 kittens in the care of a wonderful foster family. Fawn is now available to be adopted out to the forever family that falls in love with her adorable face! 

Bunny 2

Bunny is a young adult who loves people! She can often be found laying in the sun or in piles of blankets!


Toothless is the friendliest little dude! He's around a year old and despite his name, he actually has plenty of teeth. We promise! 


Dave's sister, Sid, is a very sweet girl. What she lacks in a tail, she makes up for in affection! 

Dave 2

At close to 4 months old, Dave is a shy guy who takes a bit to get used to new people.

Dumbledore 2

Dumbledore was born at the end of September and came to us as a rescue from the side of the highway. He's timid so far, but we're sure he'll come around! 


Mac was born at the end of September and is very vocal when he wants your attention!

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