Oliver came to us a little feral but he's already making strides towards being the perfect pet! We don't know if he would do well in a home with other animals, but this post will be updated once we get a better feel for his personality! 



Ruby is a super sweet girl! She came in as a stray and has yet to visit the vet, but we believe she's between 6 months to a year old. 

Vince van Gogh.jpg

Vince came to us with a little bit of his left ear missing, so Vincent van Gogh became his namesake! He's a super sweet guy who might take a little bit of time to warm up to you, but he's the most snuggly guy in the world once he's comfortable. He's good with other cats and we can't speak for how he would be with dogs, but his soft demeanour leads us to believe that he'll be just fine anywhere he goes! 


Turkey was born in 2018 and there is nothing he loves more than attention. He's still a little apprehensive around other animals, but he absolutely loves people! 


Daphne is around 6 months old and was found hanging around a farm with her friend, Velma. Out of these two semi-feral kittens, Daphne is definitely the most social. She's much more accepting of pets and attention from people but we still have a little bit of work to do. 


Velma is around 6 months old and is very very slowly coming around to people. She's tolerant of them but still very apprehensive about being touched by or close to them. Velma was found hanging around a farm with her friend, Daphne, and was quite difficult to catch, so we're taking our time as we work on getting her a little bit more domesticated before sending her to her forever home! 


We're not quite sure how old Wilson is just yet but he's a super sweet dude who will be a wonderful additon to any family! 

BORN: ~2018

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