Kelso is 8 years old and came to us with severe frostbite on his nose and ears. His nose is healing wonderfully but his the tips of his ears had to be removed for his comfort. The vet also diagnosed Kelso with a high thyroid, so he needs 0.05ml of Methimazole gel applied to his inner ear twice a day, every day to keep him happy and healthy! 

Bunny Updated

This incredibly photogenic girl is 8 years old and pretty shy. She'll take a little bit of time to warm up, but she'll fit right in after that! Bunny is in foster because she's on a special diet and can't eat regular cat food like the rest of the cats in our shelter. 


Ramsey has a whole lotta love to give for such a little cat! She's still a little skittish around the other cats here but, oh boy, does she ever love people! 

Patches Updated

Patches came in with her friend Max and we're encouraging them to get adopted together. Unlike Max, Patches is still coming around but she's certainly affectionate when you find her in one of her many hiding spots! 

Max Updated

Max joined us today with his friend, Patches! The two have been attached at the hip since they were kittens and we'd like them to be adopted out as a pair. Max is a great little dude who loves to love and be loved!

Sirius 2

Sirius is still relatively skittish, but he's slowly coming around! The shelter environment has been an adjustment for him and he's still getting used to all the other cats, but he's great with people! 

Sid 2

Dave's brother, Sid, is a very sweet manx. What he lacks in a tail, he makes up for in affection! While Sid is super loveable, he's had some heath struggles and is now strictly on gastrointestinal food. Sid will need a special forever family who is willing to keep up with his prescription diet and ensure that he is fed separately from any other animals that may be in the house. 


This 7 and a half year old cat is a giant furball and loves to lounge around both inside and outside. If you're looking for a great companion to hang out by your side, Chloe is your girl! 


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