Cooper is a neutered male. He is approximately 7 years old. Arrived April 19, 2018.

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Memorial – Charlie Morton

Charlie was a much loved cat and loving companion who found his forever home through Drumheller Humane in the “Seniors Caring for Seniors Program".

He came to the shelter back in 2014 and as an older cat was transferred from foster to foster through no fault of his own, except the time he ate an indoor bird! His easy going nature and solid personality made him popular with everyone.

When we opened our home over 3 years ago, he was already in his late teens. Despite some age related ailments, he still had spunk, curiosity and lots of love to give. He found his forever buddy in the older male human in the house (formerly “not a cat person”). Charlie was affectionate and became more so with the love showered upon him. During the day, he usually preferred his own company; at night he liked to cuddle under the blanket or sit quietly beside his guy’s head. Charlie was a great spooner and enjoyed having his paws in your hands.

Because of Charlie, within a year of his arrival we opened our home to a couple of other senior male cats (alive and well) and a bonded young couple who keep the old guys playful, including our Charlie Boy.

In the last years of his life, he found his inner-kitten. Charlie wasn’t hanging out much with the other cats, however he tolerated a bit of grooming from the female cat, and let her nap within a foot of him. He was ‘the quiet grandfather’.

We are grateful that Charlie’s golden years were spent with us and filled with love, companionship, interesting things to see and do, tuna, and a great back yard.  He was a beautiful dollop of orange and calmness in a house full of cats. After a brief illness, Charlie died peacefully at home in the arms of his loving companion. He will be forever missed.






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Dirty Harry, male. Born April 9, 2013. Approximately 5 years old. Arrived at the shelter April 9, 2018. Harry has been living at the landfill for some time.