Delta, female. Arrived July 13, 2018. Approximately 4 months old.

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Juliett, fs. Arrived July 14, 2018. Born June 18, 2015

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This handsome guy is named BANDIT 

BANDIT is a three years old neutered Husky. As a puppy he was rescued by a lady on a ranch so was around cattle at one point. He is good with kids and dogs but not good with cats. BANDIT needs a boss figure and probably could benefit with some retraining. He LOVES to run around and has a higher energy level. BANDIT needs to be on sceduled feedings or he will eat all his food in one sitting. BANDIT does have a fear of thunderstorms so he does need someone to be with him for comfort when a storm is coming.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting this beautiful boy please call our Canine Coordinator at 403-820-6645 or Private Message us 

Blue, male. Arrived July 7. 18.. Approximately 5-6 weeks