Apricot is estimated to be around 1 year old and she is just the sweetest thing! She loves any and all attention she can get, and she gets along great with other animals. Apricot would be the perfect additon for anyone looking to add an adorable orange tabby to their home!


Though Marvin is a senior cat at 10 years old, she still has years and years of love to give! She super cuddly and affectionate and loves to pass time lounging in her bed at her foster home. Marvin can get urinary crystals, so she is on a special diet to keep her happy and healthy!


Bonnie is between 6 months to a year old and is waiting on her vet appointment to get her vaccines and spay! Bonnie has never been inside before and her previous owner said that they believe she would do excellent as a shop/barn cat! Bonnie came to us with her brother, Clyde, and it would be awesome to have them go together! 


Clyde is around two years old and has never been inside before. His previous owner said that they believe he would do excellent as a shop/barn cat! Clyde has been vaccinated and neutered and is ready to call your space home!