This sweet girl is named HARLEY!!

HARLEY is a cream colored husky x shepard. She is about 6-7 years old and was adopted by her current owner from a shelter 4 years ago. She has had her shots, microchipped and spayed. She doesn't like play with balls or toys but would much rather sit with her people and cuddle. She is the most loveable cuddly dog you will ever meet!! HARLEY is full of personality and she thrives on human contact and attention. Loves to go for car/truck rides. She does suffer from seperation anxiety, so someone who can be home with her more hours then not would be ideal. That being said HARLEY is kennel trained. She knows her commands and is well trained. Has great recall! Doesn't like going into water. She is great with little kids and dogs but not so good with cats. HARLEY has no bite history of any kind. With her history prior to the current owner getting her she came from a home were she was abused and was rescued from being shot. So when voices are raised she will huncker down and coward.

HARLEY is in need of an immediate foster home!

Please call 403-820-6645 today if your interested in adopting this sweet girl! <3