Christmas Tree Burn

You are invited to join us in a Christmas Tree Burning at Newcastle beach.

If you have trees to burn please drop off them off at noon at the Newcastle Beach on January 12 so they are all in place for the event

The Humane Society will be selling hot dogs and hot chocolate to raise funds to help support the animals, so we hope you come out and support them.

Our local fire department will be monitoring the fire

Following the tree burning head down to the Arena and Support our Drumheller Dragons

Bring out the whole family and enjoy this Christmas Tree Burning Event

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Jane was instrumental in creating such a Wonderful Festive Atmosphere for our Community Pets at Drumheller Chrysler!

Building this Beautiful Fireplace, providing trays of goodies for everyone to enjoy!

There was Hot Chocolate, Coffee too!

The Event was a Great Success!  There were over 40 dogs and it was steady throughout. The pups we are sure had a glorious time to!. 

This guy wasn't leaving without his Treat!

(Random photos from viewing guests)

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Simply put, Very Happy, Excited and so Expressive ! 

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