Lucky was born in early June and she came to us quite sick in early August. She's on two weeks of quarantine and medication so she can get back to being a happy, playful kitten! 


Pansy is a mild mannered 11 year old girl who is looking for a calm forever home! She's quite shy at first but she does get along with other cats, dogs, and even kids! 

Max3 1

Max is a loveable little dude who will need a home with a bit of patience for him to come around. He was born in March of 2018 and has developed a love for climbing and being up high. He struggles with other animals but he's a very vocal little guy who will follow you around the house to keep you company! 


Lola is 10 years old and a super sweet girl! She's struggles with all the other cats in the shelter but we believe she would do alright in a home with another cat. Lola is quite a bit overweight and would greatly benefit from a diet once she finds her forever home!


Finn is new to our group! He's a super sweet guy but he still has some things to work on. We've noticed that he really struggles with other animals and he can get a little bit aggressive if his food bowl is empty. Both are behaviours that we're trying to work on but it can be challenging to make improvements while he's in an environment he may find to be stressful. Finn would be best suited to a home with no other animals and lots of patience and love for him!


Mavis is around 2 years old and super sweet! She loves making nests in blankets and popping out for head scratches when she hears humans. She's a little apprehensive around other cats, but she's coming around! 


Dennis is quite the special case for us! He's around 3 years old and was found close to feral. He's taken months to come around, but he's been having a great time exploring the shelter with the other cats. Unfortunately Dennis hasn't come around to humans yet. Dennis would do well in a heated barn/garage but we also belive that he would settle wonderfully into a home with no small children and a lot of patience for him! 

Bunny Updated

This incredibly photogenic girl is 8 years old and pretty shy. She'll take a little bit of time to warm up, but she'll fit right in after that! Bunny is in foster because she's on a special diet and can't eat regular cat food like the rest of the cats in our shelter. 

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