Dave 2

At close to 4 months old, Dave is a shy guy who takes a bit to get used to new people.


This 7 and a half year old cat is a giant furball and loves to lounge around both inside and outside. If you're looking for a great companion to hang out by your side, Chloe is your girl! 


Lulu 2

Lulu is a 13 year old tuxedo who will make the perfect addition to a relaxed home! 


Cornelius is 10 years old and has so much love to give! His faboulous hair cut is partly for style, but mainly due to the fact that he frequently got hairballs - so the lion haircut is best for him! He can be nervous around aggressive cats (or who might just be trying to play but go about it a little too enthusiastically), but he usually sticks by his best buddy, Clyde. Clyde and Cornelius lived together for 4 years and are being adopted out as a bonded pair. 

Clyde updated

Clyde is a 4 year old neutered male and he's the sweetest boy! He's shy at first but will warm up quickly. He's lived Cornelius for almost his whole life, so they are being adopted out as a bonded pair. 

Bisse updated

Bisse is an adorable one year old female who is still warming up the shelter but seems to be very appreciative of affection and attention!

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 miss kitty IMG 9401

MISS KITTY female spayed and is around 9 years old. We have her on a diet! A week after we started she gained 4 pounds. How could that be? Well this clever girl took every opportunity to find food like she was starving. We fixed that problem and find she is more active and alert and are looking forward to postive results!

She is diabetic and requires insulin daily, it has been caught early and she is stable in her blood counts. She needs a loving family that can meet her needs and she'll give you years of Joy, Happiness and Love!

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miss kitty SMALL IMG 7596


Miss Kitty arrived March 30th, 2019. She was surrendered to us as her owner is sadly unable to care for her anymore. She's was a little scared coming to a new place, but she soon settled in. She's a very gentle girl who just wants to relax and have lots of fuss! She has the most beautiful big eyes!

rye IMG 9495 9a165a2076969a9cd7605e0278f58a58

IMG 9829

rye IMG 9495 RYE male neutered is in a foster home as he was so quiet and hiding all the time. very stressful for him with so many cats. He is doing so well in a home environment, he likes to play, do all the things cats like to do. He needs to go a a loving home that doesn't have a lot of animals to stress him. He's so beautiful and has grown into a mature sweetheart! he was born in June of this year

Rye AUG2019 Rye2

2019 03 13 14.24.56


Rye was found close to a dangerous well and rescued with his siblings Born approximately in June/18

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