sye Z


Sye is in foster at the moment. He continues to progress and we will have an update after october 16th

sye 1a

A local couple were out hiking with their dog and came across this kitty. This kitty was just laying there and barely breathing, he was wet, shivering and oh so skinny. Th couple tried to give him water and food and he couldn't even lift his head. They carried him home to help him.  They honestly didn't think he would make the night. They persued giving him water by putting it in his mouth and soft kitty food just next to him to lick. Every hour on the hour checking him and making sure he was warm and comfortable. 

The next morning, he raised his head! and when he was petted, he purred like nobody's business. Still very weak and unable to get around yet. He'll be at Foster's home til he is well. 

We suspect the area he was found in, that he was abandoned, he is not feral at all.

 2018 09 25 14.20.53a